Urban-Eden Limited

Since 1965 we have been committed to satisfing and puting smiles on our customers faces.

We use only best sources for our products.

Established with enthusiasm to provide clean, high quality Rice, Sugar and Cashew Nuts.  Our strict control and construction of raw materials management system always satisfy customers from Europe, America, Asia African and the Middle East and in return we are gaining good reputation of high quality and professional work style from our clients.

We have and continue to built long-term relationships with our clients. 

We are committed / Sustainable and responsible 

Perfecting the art of cashew processing.

Discover our wide variety of Cashew Nuts Grade: W240, W320, W450, WS, SP, LP, BB
Our Cashews nuts are rich in protein and other nutrients and can offer some useful health benefits.

Experience the value of partnering with our expertise, refined by over 30 years of experience in the cashew industry.

We are actively engaged in all stages of the cashew production chain starting from procurement of the highest quality raw cashew nut at the farm level from 6 origins to in the house processing in 13 processing facilities and the distribution of superior quality cashew kernels worldwide. 

URBAN EDEN LIMITED are Exporter and Supplier of White Sugar.

We offer White Refined Sugar Grades with ICUMSA Specifications for worldwide Shipments with Compatible Shipping Costs to your Destination Port with Fast and Reliable Service.
Original: brazil
Icumsa 100 - 150
Icumsa 45 Brazil origin
Brown sugar icumsa sugar 600 - 1200
Radiation: normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine so2: mg/kg 20
Heavy metals, toxic elements maximum mg / kg basis.
Solubility: 100% dry & free flowing
We have built a transparent and traceable supply chain, Perfecting the art of sugar processing.


We are Exporters and Supplier of Rice, Cahsew Nuts and Sugars.
We use only best sources for our products.

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Call/Wtzaap:+44 161 818 8414
Address: 27 Barrowgate Road, London, W4 4QX