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We are actively engaged in all stages of the cashew chain starting from the highest quality raw cashew nut at the farm level to in house processing facilities. Discover and experience the value of partnering with our expertise.
The quality and quantity of all our goods shall be checked by SGS or independent inspection company prior to export.

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Quality Standard : All goods meet AFI (USA 1/2012) Standard.

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Quality Standard : All goods meet AFI (USA 1/2012) Standard.

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Quality Standard : All goods meet AFI (USA 1/2012) Standard.

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Cashew nut processing

RKS Tradings is one of the largest producer, importer, processor and exporter of Cashew Nuts in the Market.

We are uniquely positioned to provide the finest quality fully traceable cashew kernels that have been procured sustainably and processed responsibly to our diverse customers worldwide.

We are a preferred supply partner for most of the leading cashew nut brands.

Shipment term: FOB; CFR; CIF as customer’s requirement.

Shipment time: within 12 days from the date of contract

Quality Standard : All goods meet AFI (USA 1/2012) Standard.


Raw material:

Our Raw materials include all types of cashew nuts separated and dried to reach a humidity level below 5%
Raw material before transported to the cashew plant checked based on the specific grades of cashew nut kernels.



The grading process is made by machines on types of cashew nuts such as W240, W320, W450 and others.
The purpose of this process is to classify materials based on grade sizes. There are many different grain sizes. Based on each type, we will adjust the size divider accordingly, through this grading process, the grain will reach the required size for export or meet customer requirements for each specific order.


We do Color sorting

This process is to remove particles with unsatisfactory colors and some strange impurities through the color sensor of the color sorting machine.


We Manually classify

Manual sorting is a manual sorting process that adjusts quality to suit orders that are difficult to achieve by sorting machine. We ensure this is done for every grade.



This is an important process where we ensure that there are no live insects in the products.


Checking for impurities

All Grades are poured into a stainless steel funnel then go through a shaking sieve to remove small sized impurities.



We are Exporters and Supplier of Rice, Cahsew Nuts and Sugars.
We use only best sources for our products.

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